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Introduction to Common Specifications of Fire-proof Glass Doors

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  With the progress of the times, the quality of human life is getting better and better. What we use is not only functional, but also beautiful. As we see in the days of fire-proof glass doors, its function is fire protection, but if it is a black door will really affect the beautiful. So the function of fire prevention is added to the transparent glass door. This design can ensure that in the real time of fire, we can see the situation on the other side of the door. It is not only beautiful, but also guarantees a certain degree of security. But there are many kinds of standards for fire-proof glass doors in the day. Whether the proper standard is applied will affect the quality and function of fire-proof glass doors. Have you used it correctly?

  I. Varieties of Fire-proof Glass Doors

  Flat glass and toughened glass are generally used as fire-proof materials, which can control the extension of fire and isolate smoke. They are fire-resistant and heat-insulating. Fire-proof glass is mainly divided into five types, namely sandwich composite fire-proof glass, sandwich fire-proof glass, special fire-proof glass, hollow fire-proof glass and high-strength single-layer cesium-potassium fire-proof glass. In the meantime, according to the variety of products, there are three kinds. Category A has complete fire-resistant and heat-insulating function and can shield thermal radiation; Category B can fire-resistant and shield relatively strong thermal radiation; and Category C has fire-resistant function but not heat-insulating. Fire-proof glass doors are manufactured in A, B and C categories.

  II. Common standards

  There are many standard varieties of fire-proof glass. Fire-proof glass doors are divided into three grades: A, B and C, among which Class A is the best one. During this period, Class C Class A fire-proof glass door is composed of a single piece of fire-proof glass. It is a special kind of glass. Its strength is higher than that of float glass. The installation method is simple and easy. Generally, it can produce a maximum size of 2400 mm x 5000 mm and a minimum of 200 mm x 300 mm. Class A fire-proof glass door is composed of composite fire-proof glass. It has good heat and sound insulation performance and high luminosity. It can produce the largest scale of 1800 mm *3000 mm and the smallest scale of 100mm *100mm.


  Class A fireproof glass doors can not be directly exposed to the sun for a long time. Long time of direct sunlight will make them aging, which will reduce the service life and affect its function. These fireproof glass doors can no longer be cut, drilled, edged after processing and shaping.

  In a word, fire-proof glass doors have been widely used in our daily life. There are many standards, methods and things to be noticed. When we use them, we should also spread some common sense to prevent unnecessary accidents in the process of application.

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