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Four Key Points of Fire Prevention

2019-09-20 181

  Four Key Points of Fire Prevention

  With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of household energy will increase, and the factors causing fire will also increase. Only when fire prevention is not "burned" can we have a happy life. Fire protection part reminds the general public to do a good job of home fire prevention work, and remember the "four key points" of fire prevention.

  Firstly, fire hazards at home should be carefully investigated. Residents should often check their own fire hazards at home. First, check whether the gas hose is stale and aging. Gas hose aging will lead to gas leakage, once someone ignited it will cause explosion (usually gas, natural gas hose should be replaced every two years); secondly, check the lines and sockets, timely replacement of damaged and old lines, sockets, to avoid short-circuit and leakage; thirdly, in order to avoid overload operation of lines, do not transport at home at the same time. Use too many electrical appliances; Fourth, tidy up the flammable and inflammable materials on the balcony to avoid "flying fire" entering the balcony to cause fire; If you travel, you should block the power supply at home and close the gas valve.

  Second, we should use open fire cautiously at home. When using open fire to cook food, we should be more careful. When using open fire, we should keep flammable and inflammable goods away. Some families use honeycomb coal and firewood to cook food. After using them, they will throw away the cinder and residual fire at will. Once they meet flammable and inflammable materials, the consequences are unimaginable. It is suggested that residents use the level fire to calm the remaining fire and then dispose of cinder. Do not make fire or roadside fire at home. Burning mosquito-repellent incense in summer and candles during blackouts can also easily trigger fires. Firefighters warned that the lighted candles and mosquito incense should be kept at a safe interval from flammable and flammable materials, and the lighted mosquito incense and candles should be calmed when unattended.

  Third, parents should teach children not to play with fire. Matches, lighters, candles and other igniters should not be placed where children can get them, so as to avoid children playing with fire at home.

  Fourthly, residents should strengthen the study of fire prevention knowledge, grasp fire prevention, early fire remedy and scattered escape technology. In ordinary families, fire extinguishers should be prepared. Once a fire breaks out, it can be remedied by itself. Fire fighters also suggest that residents should be familiar with the dispersed corridors and safe exit locations of their residences, so as to make preparations for timely escape; when escaping from a fire, they should cover their noses and mouths with towels and clothes, bend down to walk, avoid smelling smoke poisoning, and never run around or jump blindly.

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