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Application Site and Cautions of Single Cesium Potassium Fire-proof Glass

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  Cesium potassium fireproof glass is a kind of fireproof glass with high performance-price ratio, which has a fireproof limit of 1 hour and can be processed easily. Single cesium potassium fireproof glass can be processed into sandwich type: single fireproof glass + PVB film + glass substrate; hollow type: single cesium potassium fireproof glass + gas layer + other glass substrates. Single Cesium Potassium Fire-proof Glass 5-19 mm thickness can be selected for different use places can also be reprocessed for the following products:

  1. Fire-proof glass doors: steel or stainless steel profiles are used after the processing of single cesium-potassium fireproof glass. The overall fire-proof grade can be selected among the three types of A, B and C, which satisfies the requirements of fire-proof inspection.

  2. Fireproof glass interval: Profile and glass combination, as a non-load-bearing wall, both fireproof and lighting functions, transparent hall, create a large space horizon.

  3. Fire-proof glass windows: namely fire-proof windows, single cesium-potassium fireproof glass processing fire-proof windows are generally non-insulating fire-proof windows, can be processed with steel or aluminium alloy profiles, satisfied with the GB2008 fire-proof window specifications, in high-rise building shelters, industrial plants, commercial public places and other applications.

  Monolithic fireproof glass

  4. Building atrium fire barrier, ceiling, curtain wall and so on.

  Cautions for use of single cesium potassium fireproof glass:

  1. Monolithic fire-proof glass is classified as non-insulating C-type fire-proof glass, which can not be used in places where there is a clear stipulation for heat-proof fire and radiation.

  2. After the single cesium potassium fire-proof glass is processed and formed, it is not allowed to carry out edge grinding, cutting, drilling and heat treatment, otherwise it will affect the internal structure and fire resistance of the glass. Fire-proof glass that needs special processing should recognize the requirements of scale, shape, opening and edge grinding with the seller when placing an order.

  3. A single piece of Cesium-Potassium fire-proof glass can not be used in the fire-proof zone with spray system. Composite fire-proof glass (with heat insulation and radiation protection function) should be used here.

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