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Processing method and process of single cesium potassium fireproof glass

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  To produce high-quality fire-proof glass, authentic fire-proof glass can reach 1-3 hours of fire-proof. Choosing high-quality original sheet is the first step to produce high-quality fire-proof glass. High-quality fire-proof glass can be made of coated or non-coated float glass, toughened glass, composite fire-proof glass and single fire-proof glass.

  1. Careful selection of high-quality car-grade original (quality float glass), scale cutting according to engineering requirements, fine edge grinding, chamfering according to actual needs;

  2. Place the glass to be processed vertically on the glass shelf and spray fire-proof liquid on the side needing fire protection. Be careful that the fire-proof spraying pot selected is not a metal spraying pot. The fire-proof liquid ejected from the spraying pot appears uniform fog on the glass surface.

  3. After a piece of glass is sprayed, cork cushions are placed at the four corners of the glass to separate it and fire-proof liquid is sprayed successively.

  4. Place the glass sprayed with fire retardant solution in a dry place for 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. In this process, the glass undergoes chemical ion exchange, which can be attributed to the chemical fire retardant treatment stage, and the expansion coefficient of the glass surface can be reduced.

  5. After cleaning, toughening operation is carried out, the fire-proof face is placed upward, and the wind pressure is increased by 60-100%, ensuring that the particle size of the toughened glass surface is less than that of the general toughened glass. This process is a physical treatment process, which plays a key role in the overall quality of the fire-proof glass. The general fire protection label will be printed eventually.

  Tempered glass and float glass are indispensable materials for the production of single cesium-potassium fireproof glass. Good tempered and float glass has high hardness and transparency. The processed fireproof glass has good color, bright body and good quality. The product single fireproof glass can also be used as information of composite fireproof glass because of its high hardness and transparency. Composite fire-proof glass requires higher fire-proof grade. Through dry or wet processing, composite perfusion fire-proof glass with longer fire-proof limit can be obtained after data function synthesis.

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