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What are the outstanding properties of high strength single sheet fireproof glass

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  High-strength monolithic fire-retardant glass is a new building functional material, which has excellent light transmission function and fire-retardant function. Usually it is as transparent as ordinary glass. After several minutes of fire, the chemical tempered layer can restrain the flame extension and heat transfer, and bind the fire to a small area near the ignition point, so as to achieve the effect of fire protection. High-strength monolithic fireproof glass has four outstanding functions as follows:

  (1) High Fire-proof Function: High-strength monolithic fire-proof glass is a kind of curtain wall or door and window glass with fire-proof function for building exterior wall. It can persist in 96-183 minutes without bursting under the impact of flame at 1000 C, and then effectively prevent the extension of flame and smoke, which is conducive to discovering fire situation at the first moment and making people evacuate at sufficient time. Field.

  (2) High Strength Function: Under the same thickness, its strength is 6-12 times that of ordinary float glass and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass. Therefore, under the same wind pressure, it can choose thinner thickness or larger area planning, thereby adding permeability and reducing cost. Generally toughened glass is damaged when the load is 900 kg, but its deflection is 326 mm when the load reaches 5500 kg. The strength of high-strength monolithic fire-proof glass is 4-6 times of that of flat glass of the same thickness and 1.5-2 times of that of tempered glass of the same thickness. Moreover, if damaged, the high-strength monolithic fire-proof glass is small granular and obtuse angle, which ensures that it will not cause great damage to human body in earthquake, fire or under super-strong damage.

  (3) High Weather Resistance: Compared with the traditional grouting or sandwich fireproof glass, high strength monolithic fireproof glass has not only high strength, but also high weatherability. Chemical grouting or laminated glass quickly turns milky white and bursts into bubbles under ultraviolet radiation, losing the fundamental function of glass permeability, which is also the main reason why fireproof glass can not be used as exterior wall. However, the high-strength monolithic fireproof glass is the same as ordinary glass under ultraviolet irradiation, without any changes.

  (4) Machinability: High strength monolithic fireproof glass has good machinability. It can be processed into laminated safety glass, hollow glass, coated glass and point curtain wall glass. It can also be used as an indoor fire-proof partition and escape passage. It has a large break in the use area of single chip. It can reach a height of 3 m and a width of 2 m, and the equipment is also simple.

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