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Introduce the performance and characteristics of the four major fire-proof glass!

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Glass is the most common building material. It has been widely used in many fields. With the increase of consumers, multi-functional glass has entered our vision, such as fire-proof glass. So what about the performance and characteristics of fire-proof glass? Today we will learn about it together.

  1. Basic Characteristics of Fire-proof Glass

  Fire-proof glass is a kind of glass with fire-proof function. When a fire occurs, it can effectively prevent the spread of fire. It also has smoke-proof performance. It can also be used as a fire-proof product in life. Fire-proof performance can also be determined according to fire-resistant characteristics, with extremely special processing and processing technical requirements, this glass product also has integrity and thermal insulation.

  2. Types of Fireproof Glass

  First of all, sandwich composite fireproof glass. This kind of glass is coated with colorless fire retardant on the glass interlayer plate, and then composite fire retardant glass is prepared. In fact, it's the same principle as sandwich cake. Sandwich composite fireproof glass is very popular in the market, it has excellent performance, its fireproof is very strong, it also has curing effect within 100 degrees indoor. When a fire occurs, the adhesives in laminated glass will expand and absorb the heat that appears, thus reducing the occurrence of potential safety hazards.

  Sandwich fireproof glass. This kind of glass is quite different from the fireproof glass mentioned above. The fireproof glass is made under high-tech conditions by adding wire and mesh. In use, it has a strong impact resistance, but also can be connected with the indoor safety system, which makes the glass has a lot of performance.


  And special fireproof glass. This kind of fire-proof glass is produced by special glass composition, such as borosilicate, glass-ceramics and so on. Its glass material is different, but it has very strong softening effect, and its thermal expansion coefficient is very low. Even in high temperature environment, deformation is not easy to occur, and then the stability performance is really excellent. This is especially true of glass-ceramics, which not only has the characteristics mentioned above, but also has surprisingly good physical properties. It also has a strong compressive resistance, but the price is more expensive, and it is a good fire-proof material.

  Hollow fireproof glass. This fireproof glass has a good reputation, compared with other glass materials, although not very well known, but this is the latest product developed in recent years. It not only has good fire protection performance, but also has good partition effect on noise pollution. It is a re-innovation on fire-proof glass.

  In a word, fireproof glass is made by many different processing methods. It can be made into many shapes, and then form functional fireproof glass products.

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  In order to meet the requirements of fireproof glass function, the size, thickness, appearance quality, curvature, optical function, heat resistance, radiation resistance, mechanical function and impact resistance of fireproof glass must meet the national standard GB15763. Uniform Rules 1-2001.

  All kinds of fireproof glass products must pass the quality supervision and inspection center designated by the state, and after issuing the product qualification certificate, they can enter the market for sale and installation.

  The classification of fire-proof glass has strict rules in the basic functional requirements of fire-proof glass in the national standard GB15763.1-2001. The fire-resistant glass is divided into four grades: 30min, 45min, 60min and 90min.

  Fire-proof glass invents important conditions for the rescue of people, property and buildings in case of fire, and reduces the losses to the greatest extent. In some important occasions with special requirements, it plays an important role.

  Fireproof glass has great market potential. Widely used in computer rooms, high-quality laboratories, campuses, party and government organs and other central building parts.

  Fire-proof glass belongs to one kind of safety glass. Its fire-proof function is that when one side of the glass component is fired, the glass can prevent fire and hot gas from penetrating or showing flame on the back of the glass in a certain time, and has certain fire-proof function. Fire-proof and heat-resistant are the two most important functions of fire-proof glass. Its fireproof function is evaluated by its fireproof function.

  There are five kinds of fireproof glass, one is sandwich composite fireproof glass, the other is sandwich fireproof glass, the third is special fireproof glass, the fourth is hollow fireproof glass, and the fifth is high-strength single-layer cesium potassium fireproof glass.

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