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  Introduction to the Classification of Sandwich Fire-proof Glass and Alarm Glass

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  Introduction to the Classification of Sandwich Fire-proof Glass and Alarm Glass

  Anti-riot and anti-theft alarm glass: Anti-riot and anti-theft glass refers to transparent and high strength glass, which can not be destroyed by simple tools and can effectively prevent theft or destruction. It is usually made of multi-layer high strength transparent organic materials and laminated materials. In order to give early warning performance, the laminated layer can also be sandwiched with metal wire mesh, and embedded with visible light, infrared, temperature, pressure sensors and alarm devices. Once the burglar commits a crime, touches the alarm device in the glass, and even triggers the wounding weapon or halo gas device connected in series with it, alarms and corresponding measures will appear in order to catch the burglar in time and protect the property from theft. Anti-theft glass is mainly used in bank vaults, weapons warehouses, cultural relics warehouses and Exhibition cabinets, precious commodity counters, etc.

  Fire-proof glass is a new type of functional building material, which has good transparency and fire-retardant properties. Fire-proof sandwich glass can be divided into composite fire-proof glass and perfusion fire-proof glass according to the characteristics of production process. There are many kinds of fireproof glass, the main varieties are as follows:

  (1) Sandwich composite fire-proof glass (FFB) sandwich composite fire-proof glass is a common and best-selling transparent sandwich composite fire-proof glass in domestic and foreign markets. It consists of two or more layers of flat glass sandwiched with transparent fire retardant adhesive. The fire resistance of the adhesive depends on the performance of the fire retardant adhesive. Fire retardant adhesives can be generally divided into two categories: inorganic materials (sodium silicate or sodium silicate), organic materials (acrylamide and flame retardants, etc.). Fire-proof glass manufacturers in China widely use inorganic materials as adhesives to make fire-proof glass. Because of its inexpensive and abundant raw materials, it can be cured at room temperature or below l00 C. When the fire glass is in fire, the adhesive will rapidly expand and form an adiabatic fire-resistant and heat insulation foam layer, which can absorb a lot of heat. If broken in case of fire, it can also bond broken glass sheets to maintain the integrity of fire-proof glass without hurting people.

  (2) Fire-proof glass with wire is a composite glass made by adding metal wire and mesh into the interlayer of organic film or inorganic adhesive between two layers of glass. After adding wire or mesh, not only the overall impact strength of fire-proof glass can be improved, but also it can be connected with electric heating and safety alarm system to play a variety of functions. The only defect of the fireproof glass is its poor transmittance.

  (3) The special fireproof glass refers to the glass with special composition on glass substrates, rather than the glass with common flat glass composition. It mainly includes borosilicate fireproof glass, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, glass-ceramics fireproof glass and so on. Its common main characteristics are: due to the different composition, the softening point of glass is higher, generally above 900 C; the thermal expansion coefficient is low, and it will not burst or deform under high temperature under strong flame; especially the glass-ceramics fireproof glass, besides the above characteristics, it also has high mechanical strength, high flexural strength, high compressive strength and good. Good chemical stability and physical and mechanical properties.

  It also has the advantages of high softening temperature and low coefficient of thermal expansion. As fire-proof glass, they are excellent products.

  (4) Hollow fireproof glass is a new product of fireproof glass nowadays. It is a new type of glass with sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation and fireproof functions. On the basis of making hollow glass, it only needs to coat a layer of metal salt on a glass substrate which may be exposed to fire or flame. After drying at a certain temperature and humidity, it can reprocess hollow fire-proof glass with different shapes for doors, windows, partitions, partitions, fire-proof channels, etc.

  (5) Single Fire-proof Glass (DFB) Single Fire-proof Glass (DFB) is a single transparent special glass with fire-proof integrity and can effectively prevent the spread of flame and smoke within a certain time limit. Because of its light and thin texture, good permeability and high strength, single fireproof glass is widely used in building curtain wall, building windows, partition wall, smoke-proof vertical wall, shared space, atrium, lighting roof, furnace front window and so on.

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