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Brief Analysis of Single Fire-proof Glass as a New Building Fire-proof Product

2019-09-20 171

  Monolithic fireproof glass is a kind of special glass which is made up of single layer glass. It is treated by chemical and physical treatment or only physical treatment, and meets the requirements of corresponding fireproof grade. In a specific time, the single fireproof glass can maintain the fire-proof integrity and form a fire-proof barrier when a fire breaks out. Flame and toxic, harmful gas diffusion, extension of the safety barrier. In order to ensure that there is sufficient time to escape from the fire and carry out rescue and disaster relief operations. However, the single fire-proof glass has no effect of fire resistance and heat insulation. It belongs to class C fire-proof glass and is not suitable for use in places with heat insulation performance requirements.

  Monolithic fireproof glass has the advantages of fireproof, light weight, high strength and good weather resistance. Because there is no foaming layer in the middle, only fire protection has no heat insulation function. In addition to its excellent fireproofing performance, single fireproofing glass has the same strength and thickness, and its strength is 6-12 times that of float glass.

  Monolithic fire-proof glass is suitable for use in various natural environments. Under long-term sun irradiation, the appearance does not change. It can also be processed into laminated safety fire-proof glass, fire-proof hollow glass, coated fire-proof glass, curtain wall fire-proof glass, etc. It is suitable for external curtain wall, outdoor window, smoke-proof wall and non-thermal fire-proof glass doors. And firewall curtain wall without heat insulation requirement.

  Differences between ordinary glass and single-sheet fire-proof glass in fire occurrence:

  Generally, float glass bursts in 30 seconds and tempered glass bursts in 1 minute. Without fire-resistance integrity, it is impossible to obstruct the extension of fire potential in a certain period of time. The single piece of fire-proof glass, when exposed to fire, can insist on 30 - 120 minutes without bursting at 1000 C, effectively restricting the scale of fire and smoke.

  In modern construction, there are various kinds of glass used for building envelope, such as tempered glass, laminated glass, hollow glass, float glass, coated glass and so on. These glass properties are different, but these kinds of glass do not have the function of heat resistance and fire protection. Once a fire occurs, the glass will break in a very short time. The crack extends the fire and threatens people's life safety and industry seriously. Correct use of fireproof glass talent to ensure people's lives and industrial safety, and provide safe space for escape and disaster relief operations.


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