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How to Identify Single Fire-proof Glass

2019-09-20 165

  1. Look at the equipment conditions:

  Can make a single piece of fireproof glass, no matter how to do, if some unnecessary equipment is not possible, so if the manufacturer does not have the necessary equipment can not make fireproof glass.

  2. Particle size of glass

  If a single piece of fireproof glass is broken, its particle size must be small and its quantity is large, which is far larger than the requirement of 40 grains in the range of 50*50mm of the national standard. If only a few grains of fireproof glass are generally only toughened glass, they can not reach 40 grains, let alone 40 grains.

  3. Look at the internal stress of glass

  Internal stress, the national standard does not say how much the internal stress of fireproof glass should be, but insiders know.

  In addition, the same size, the same thickness of glass, if senior officials can be separated by hand feeling, which varies from person to person.

  4. The last move: the composition of the glass is different in size and stress, so the national standard does not specify how much it should be. Only by experience, it is suggested that the best policy is to select large-scale manufacturers with long production and development history.

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