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Market Prospect Analysis of Monolithic Fireproof Glass

2019-09-20 168

  Fire-proof glass has the advantages of retarding the spread of fire, heat insulation, smoke insulation, etc. It can create favorable conditions for rescue of people, property and buildings when fire occurs, and minimize losses. It is favored by the people. Fire-proof glass has great market potential.

  Fire-proof glass is a new type of building fire-proof material, which is mainly used to make fire doors, firewalls, fire-proof partitions, etc. Fire-proof glass is divided into two types: monolithic integral type and composite insulating type. According to the fire resistance grade, the fireproof glass can be divided into three grades: 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

  Monolithic intact fireproof glass is a kind of fireproof glass constructed by single layer glass. It is mainly used in partition, fireproof zoning and outdoor curtain wall of large public buildings. Monolithic fireproof glass has the advantage of low thermal expansion rate after a long time of high temperature ion exchange chemical treatment. It can keep the glass soft without breaking at high temperature for a period of time. By keeping the integrity of the glass, it can block open fire, toxic and harmful gases on the Fire-facing side, but it can not insulate from temperature and heat.

  In addition, in addition to fireproof glass, we should also pay attention to the importance of glass frames. If the frame is not fireproof, it will be easy to soften and deform in case of fire. No matter how good the fireproof glass is, it will not play its due role. Therefore, it is also important to equip the corresponding fireproof frame installation accessories.

  Fire-proof glass industry is one of the key industries to be cultivated and supported in the 12th Five-Year Plan of China. The application market of fire-proof glass has a very considerable prospect.

  Firstly, our country is constantly studying and deciding the latest Building Fire Prevention Plan, which will greatly push the fire-proof glass market to a very high position.

  Secondly, the development path of buildings in the world is generally divided into three stages: ordinary buildings, energy-saving buildings and capacity buildings. The third stage productivity building is the final form of the building.

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