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What problems do fireproof glass windows encounter in use

2019-09-20 180

  1. Usually close the fire-proof glass window: In addition to having the necessary fire-proof performance, the fire-proof glass window which is usually closed requires active closure and sequential closure. When installing fire-proof glass windows, it is necessary to use horizontal ruler to leveling or hanging line method to correct the perpendicularity of the front and back, so as to achieve the same level, vertical and height. These supporting functions can not be ignored, otherwise many hidden dangers will be left behind. At present, fireproof glass windows are mostly used in our country. The main reason is that the parts used are simple mechanical products, simple manufacturing equipment and low cost. But usually closed fire-proof glass windows have many defects:

  (1) Disperse fire-proof glass windows in walkways, stairs and antechambers, and often close fire-proof glass windows, causing unnecessary trouble for normal traffic. In order to facilitate access, many places open their doors.

  (2) Because this place is usually where people often walk, traffic is heavy and doors are often open, fire-proof windows and their hardware will inevitably be damaged frequently, especially the door closer. Once the viewpoint of the device is larger than the observation range, it can not perform the function of active shutdown.

  (3) When the engineering inspection is put into use, the door closer is usually debugged to close the door. However, once a fire occurs, the impact force caused by the expansion of hot air will produce a certain pressure difference on both sides of the fireproof glass window. Adjusting the shutter makes it difficult to fix the fireproof glass windows. In this way, fireworks will enter the public antechamber, firefighters can not enter the antechamber to save people, and escaping with closed stairs will become unsafe, and so on.

  2. Fire-proof glass windows usually open: In the code, fire-proof glass windows are usually opened with three consecutive "should" words, and strict emphasis is placed on adding signal response function on the basis of normally closed fire-proof glass windows. In addition, these three basic skills are required, one of which is indispensable. At present, most of the fireproof glass windows on the market have the functions of "self-sealing" and "signal response", which have short and reliable functions. This has been confirmed by many fire cases, because the fireproof glass windows can not be safely closed, resulting in the spread of fireworks on the scene can not be effectively isolated.

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