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Which parameters should be unified when fireproof glass doors and windows are combined?

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  Fire-proof glass windows are widely used in different types of construction, such as high-rise residential buildings and commercial office buildings. They are indispensable fire-proof and smoke-proof products in modern times. They can achieve the effects of fire-proof, fire-proof and smoke-proof. Fire-proof windows have a variety of functions. They are not only common windows used in daily life, but also fire-proof windows at critical moment.

  Fire-proof glass doors can be said to be many sizes of fire-proof glass windows, which is only an image of understanding, but the two are still very different. Fire-proof glass doors are also rare fire-proof and smoke-proof products, which can be used in airports, subway, commercial construction, machine room equipment rooms, laboratories and other places, with excellent light transmission effect.

  Fire-proof glass doors and windows are generally used separately, but when there are large openings in the construction and can not choose a single product to meet the requirements, the combination of the two is needed. When fireproof glass doors and windows are used in combination, the parameters set by them are in accordance with the requirements:

  A. Fire-proof glass doors and windows should be used together at the same time. Fire-resistant time refers to the time when the inspection report is inspected.

  B. The same parts should have the same requirements for heat insulation type. For example, the design requirements are heat insulation type. Then grouting composite fire-proof glass should be used for fire-proof glass doors and windows, instead of monolithic or hollow fire-proof glass. If the outdoor is exposed to the sun for a long time, instead of using grouting fireproof glass (long time direct exposure to simple product bubbles and dirty liquids), it is necessary to find suitable products to replace.

  C. Style and material should be the same. Fire-proof glass doors and windows should be used together as far as possible to select the same material frame, color and style are the same. Welding assembly method is generally used for multi-window splicing of holes compared with general elections. At this time, solder joints need to be treated and repairing and polishing are necessary procedures.

  Fire-proof glass and fire-proof glass windows are not assembled randomly. Both have specifications. The maximum size of fire-proof glass doors is about 3 meters. Some manufacturers can only supply 2.3 meters of conventional glass. The single area of fireproof glass window is also restricted, because the force effect between glass and window frame should be taken into account. The combination of fire-proof glass doors and windows should be scientific and reasonable, pay attention to details, select excellent assembly methods (plug-in type) to enhance the overall aesthetic.

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